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 Forum Rules : Read before posting !

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Forum Rules : Read before posting ! Empty
PostSubject: Forum Rules : Read before posting !   Forum Rules : Read before posting ! Icon_minitimeSat Jan 28, 2012 12:11 am

Please, even if the following points can look insignificant, try to respect all of them to make the forum a more peaceful and pleasant place !

General rules

Before writing anything in the forum, please present yourself by posting a topic in the right category. Don't forget to use the template !

Since this forum is for a European community of Megaromania fans, it is important to speak in a language that most of the users can talk and understand. This is why everybody should use English to write and answer topics.

File sharing
It is forbidden to share any illegal music or video download links here. It is still allowed to share YouTube links, as well as scans you have made or found (with the source).

Signatures and avatars
It is possible to include texts and images in your signature, but the image has to be less that 450*250 pixels. You can also have an avatar if it is less than 200*200 pixels.

It is forbidden to copy and paste content from this forum (or the website of the Street Team) to another website or blog (including texts, messages, images and scans posted here). If you want to do so, please ask to the person who wrote / posted it.

Life of the forum
Please, be kind, avoid double-posts, don't use too many smilies, use the "spoiler" feature to hide big pictures, don't troll too much and try to argue as much as possible... in a nutshell : be a good person \o/.

Specific rules

Member's corner
As said just before, please use the template to present yourself ! Also, please welcome warmly all the new members \o/

Please, don't open new topics in this category : all the news related to Megaromania are going to be cross posted on the website and the forum by the admins !

Music and videos
Here, you can talk about your favourite songs and PVs of the band ! If a CD doesn't have its topic, you can create it by following the same example as the other topics and by providing accurate information only. Otherwise, feel free to post any topic related Megaromania's musical creations.

Live shows
This category was made to discuss about Megaromania's past or upcoming live shows. When creating a topic, please include the name of the tour + the date + the venue !

You can share pictures and scans of the band here, or just discuss about it.

Random Stuff
You can talk here about everything you want that is politically correct !

Shopping and Selling
Please, don't go on the forum just to post here. If you want to sell things, please write [SELLER] in the name of the topic. If you are looking for something, please write [REQUEST] in the name of the topic.

Feel free to get in touch with the administration team and the moderators if you have any question !

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Forum Rules : Read before posting !
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